K40 Lasercutter Air-Assist Linie Lasers + LED Ring


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We offer and easy and convent way to upgrade your 40W laser cutter with an Air Assist system.

The air assist system protects the lens from harmful smoke and reduces the risk of a fire.

We have several Air assist systems on offer:

Advantages Air-Assist:

– reduces the lens getting dirty by the rising smoke

– reduces the risk of fire due to a permanent air flow

Advantages line-laser-Air-Assist:

– wiring instructions

– makes positioning your work piece relative to the actual co2 laser way easier

– SPECIAL: you can adjust the line laser to your exact machine calibration. This insure ultra high accuracy on every machine

Advantages LED-line-laser-Air-Assist:

– increase visibility at the most important area of your laser cutter

The Line Laser + LED upgrade kit includes:

– solid plastic Nozzle
– plastic drag chain holder
– 24V Radial fan
– 0.5m Drag chain
– necessary screws
– 1, 2 or 3 toggle Switches
– instruction for the installation
– two linie laser
– LED-ring

What you need:

– gorilla glue to fix the cable chain to the laser cutter
– soldering Iron and wire for the electronics

Drill to drill a hole for the switch


If you are not comfortable to drill and Solder don’t buy the Kit. We are not liable for any damages to persons ore things.


When you are installing the Kit unplug the laser cutter. We are not liable for any damages to persons ore things.

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