Adjustable z-axis table for K40 Laser cutter 40W



The K40 Chinese laser cutter is great, but the build area is terrible. This is why we engineered the adjustable honeycomb y axis table. This make focusing all kinds of materials very easy and convenient. (you will get access to a laser focus tool file)

You can adjust the whole table with the lever in the corner (the lever can be put away so that the laser can`t hit the table, even with our air assist nozzle attached(get the air assist upgrade here: The pulley and belt are moving the whole table at the same time and the table fits perfectly in the build area so you get even more cutting space. The honeycomb aluminum is the perfect material to avoid laser refection in the material ad take away the smoke easily.

The Kit package contains:

– 1 Aluminum honeycomb mesh
– 8 Black Plastic Corner pieces with nuts and bearings
– 4 aluminum angels
– 1 Plastic Lever
– 1 Belt
– 5 Pulleys
– 1 Wood base plate
– 4 Neodymium Magnets
– Gorilla glue
– Other screws and nuts

You will get access to an instruction PDF for the assembly (if you ordered the Kit version, we also offer a build version for EU costumers)

The assembly requires no special tools and only takes a bit of patience and medium assemble skills.

If you have any question about the product feel free to contact us.

Additional information


Fully assembled, kit version (self assembly)

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